Hyper Neon Fishing – Combat & Quest Designer

Hyper Neon Fishing is a game where players take on the role of a heroic bird, who dives deep into the Neon Ocean to restore color back to all of the Neon Fish using their disco-powered helmet. With the help of their first mate, Kru, players will ruin the evil Dr. Monochrome’s scheme while collecting some of the funkiest fish in the sea.

  • Platform: PC with PS4 controller
  • Engine: Unity
  • Production Period: January 2017 – May 2017
  • Team Members: Paul Klimaszewski (Lead Designer), Cole Kirkpatrick (Lead Artist & Animator), Sean Walsh (UI Artist), Nick Kinteris (Environment Artist), Gabe Pererya (Lead Programmer), Duncan Carrol (Gameplay Programmer), Zach Taylor (Gameplay Programmer), Lucas Spiker (Tools Programmer), & Elijah Dixon (Project Manager)
    • Charlie Carucci – Combat Designer, Quest Designer, Product Owner
    • Paul Klimaszewski – Lead Designer
    • Cole Kirkpatrick – Lead Artist & Animator
    • Sean Walsh – UI Artist
    • Nick Kinteris – Environment Artist
    • Gabe Pererya – Lead Programmer
    • Duncan Carrol – Gameplay Programmer
    • Zachary Taylor – Gameplay Programmer
    • Lucas Spiker – Tools Programmer
    • Elijah Dixon – Project Manager & Scrum Master
  • Download and play Hyper Neon Fishing on itch.io

Personal Roles and Responsibilities

Combat Designer:
  • Improved current combat systems
    • Re-designed combat controls to be more intuitive
    • Designed diverse forms of fish AI to allow for passive, defensive, and aggressive fish types
  • Designed new combat interactions
    • Designed and balanced spear throw mechanic (ranged attack)
    • Iterated on the “neon blood” system to give players different ways to replenish their neon power
    • Documented different combat strategies available to players with new combat systems
  • Designed new types of fish
    • Documented how each fish was meant to behave
    • Assigned and balanced the stats for each fish (health, damage ability, speed, etc.)
Quest Designer
  • Designed quest narrative and dialogue sequences
    • Outlined major character personality traits
    • Wrote dialog lines for quest introductions/conclusions and all gameplay events in between.
  • Balanced quest challenges and rewards
    • Design, documented, and balanced the quest objectives, their progression, and the rewards given to the player for finishing a quest
    • Outlined upgrades available to the player and the resources they would need to obtain said upgrades


I had a lot of fun working on this game and I had a very supportive team that helped bring this game to life. We even brought this game to RPI’s 2017 Gamefest where other students and industry professionals got a chance to play through our vertical slice.


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