Week 25 – Goldmaster

It’s finally here. The week where everything needs to be finished. The whole Firing Squad, myself included, is so excited about how the game has come together and after finishing our last few updates and squashing the remaining bugs, re[Mod] will be ready to ship. Our tasks this week are incredibly light so for this penultimate blog post, I’ll briefly go over a few updates and talk about the Senior Show, happening next Friday.

One of our high priorities tasks for this sprint is finalizing the implementation of our camera bot drone, which has been sitting on the back-burner of our backlogs all semester. We decided that since we were ahead of our scope last week, we would being the implementation of these lil cuties. Tyler finished revising the camera model and even created a few animations for them, Tim began planning the movement patterns of the bots, and I edited the voice lines that the camera will play during certain gameplay events (like if a player shoots at the camera, it will yell “Whyyy?!”). All that is left for this week is for James to put together the camera bot script class that will handle the logic for recognizing those gameplay events and I’ll be throwing the audio event call-outs into that script. I’m so excited to see them start flying around the map!


Aside from the camera bots, our only other tasks this week involves squashing out remaining bugs. Last week, James and Justin managed to solve our only showstopper bug which is a huge relief. All that remains are a few cosmetic issues and minor gameplay bugs. Nothing but smooth sailing as we near our gold master due date.

We’ve also been getting our set-up ready for the gallery display after the Senior Show. Our plan is to have a cool lighting set-up, using a mix of LED strips and overhead spotlights to color our area with bright oranges and blues. Tyler also used the 3D printer we have on campus to make some robot head models that we’ll use to decorate the table. I’m hoping I get to keep one after we take the display down.

Image uploaded from iOS

That’s all I have for this week. Next week’s post will include our final trailer so make sure you check back for more updates on re[Mod].

Until next time!

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