Week 23 – Polishing

With only 3 sprints left until the Senior Show, my next few blog posts are going to be VERY short. Mainly because I’m spending a lot of time actually getting the game ready to be shown off, but also because I want to conserve as much information as I can about the final product, until it is actually complete.

This sprint is all about polishing. We’ll be finalizing all of our gameplay visuals so we can record footage for our trailer, this Sunday. My responsibilities this week will involve rebalancing all of our weapon parts ONE LAST TIME, so that every part feels fair, exciting to use, and unique within the full weapon build.

After rebalancing our weapon parts, I’ll be updating our weapon pads to spawn the 3 new parts we’ve been implementing over the past two weeks. I’ll be showing off these new parts in next week’s blog post. But for now, just know that these parts give players the chance to significantly customize their play-style.

Finally, I’ll be updating some of our audio, so all of our sound effects are polished and fit within the context/theme of our game. Things are moving along quickly, but also very smoothly which is a very rare thing to be able to say about a game project. Keep checking back for little updates about re[Mod] until the game is released on April 27th!

Until next time!


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