May 2017 – August 2017 (internship)
June 2018 – August 2018 (full time)

Demon Warehouses


These warehouses act as bases for one of the main enemy factions in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Inner Demons. Bases are designed to test a player’s skill in combat by spawning multiple waves of enemies, each more difficult then the last. Player’s who successfully take out all the enemies in a base are rewarded with tokens that can be used in the game’s progression system.

Blocked-out 5 different bases, each with distinct layouts and sizes
Followed the established size metrics for ideal combat areas
Referenced real-world architectural design to create believable interiors
Worked with environment artists to bring context to the space

Used Insomniac’s visual scripting language to direct the flow of combat
Positioned enemy spawn points to move the player around the base
Balanced number of enemies and enemy type variants per wave
Adjusted geometry and props to limit enemy sight lines
Addressed feedback on difficulty and combat flow through the base

One base was included in the E3 2018 Show-Floor demo (1:38- 4:41)


Crimes are dynamic events that can pop up at any point while the player is swinging through the vast city of Marvel’s Spider-Man. New crime types involving different enemy factions unlock as the player progresses through the story. Completing a crime rewards the player with tokens to be put towards their skill progression.

Designed 2 new crimes, armored car robbery & active bomb threat
Created escalating variations on the crimes for repeat encounters
Scripted the events to work within the constraints of our crime system
Iterated on prototypes to bring them to full block-out state

Documented guidelines for ideal locations for both crime types
Worked with story team to contextualize crimes within our narrative
Helped production support spread the crime prefabs around the city

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