Week 21 – Thinking About the Show

This is going to be a very short blog post this week. Basically, all I’m going to be talking about is how we’re beginning to plan for the Senior Show at the end of April. Max is working on planning our trailer, which is really exciting. We also are beginning to think about our gallery set-up and our technical needs.

My contribution to our show set-up so far has been designing our game’s poster. The school has provided us with a template and a list of requirements, but I’ve done the best that I can to make our poster standout.

Below you can see my second draft of the poster. I wanted to make sure that the text and image panels reflected our UI/HUD in the game as best as they could. The colors also needed to match the color scheme we’ve set up for our brand — lots of orange, darker grays, and neon-like glow around bright colors. The game intent and feature list need to be edited, but Max expressed interest on revising these elements since he tends to have a stronger language. Take a peak at what I’ve done so far…


That’s all for this week. I promise I’ll have more to show next week. Until next time!

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