Week 24 – The Last Parts

Last week, I promised to showcase our three new under-barrel attachments in this week’s blog post. I’m excited to share some details about these parts and how they affect the user’s play style. These are the last parts that we’ll be implementing for re[Mod], and with their addition, players now have access to over 1000 unique weapon combinations. That number is really exciting to us because it means we’ve gone above and beyond our expectations. So without further ado, please welcome the Revenge Trap, Riot Shield, and the Rocket Booster to the re[Mod] family.

Revenge Trap


The Revenge Trap is a commonly available under-barrel attachment, that gives players who like to get up close and personal an advantage. By equipping this part, the player’s weapon is primed with 3 volatile grenades. If the player is killed while holding this part, the Revenge Trap will release all 3 grenades and explode on impact, killing (or at least, seriously damaging) any opponents within range. This part is targeted towards players who find their deaths are usually higher than their kills at the end of a match. With this part, hopefully that K:D ratio will be a little more even.

Riot Shield


The Riot Shield is our newest legendary part. This massive energy shield attaches to the bottom of a player’s weapon to protect their torso and head from most enemy projectiles. However, it’s important to watch your back because the Riot Shield only blocks damage coming from the front. A sneak attack from behind or a sniper shot from the side could be your downfall. The Riot Shield is mainly designed for players who like to take a slow approach or for players that prefer to play a more defensive role. In our Team Battle game mode, having a Riot Shield can certainly come in handy. Capturing a Stage Area becomes a lot easier when you have a teammate holding a big shield in front of you, blocking out any attacks from enemy intruders.

Rocket Booster


The Rocket Booster is probably my new favorite part in the game. This relatively rare under-barrel attachment gives players the power of flight… well, kind of. If a player adds a Rocket Booster to their weapon, they’ll find their movement speed to be increased significantly. On top of that, their jumping power will also be amplified. With the Rocket Booster, players can zip across the map in one incredible leap. However, having a jetpack strapped to the bottom of your gun won’t do you any favors when it comes to accuracy. This part is designed for players who like to move, shoot, and hope for the best, but honestly; it’s just pretty damn fun.

I hope you enjoyed this little showcase of our newest and final weapon parts. All three of these parts have significantly changed how people play the game and account for other players using these attachments. Tune in next week to take a look at re[Mod] as we enter our Gold Master sprint.

Until next time!

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