Week 21 – Thinking About the Show

This is going to be a very short blog post this week. Basically, all I’m going to be talking about is how we’re beginning to plan for the Senior Show at the end of April. Max is working on planning our trailer, which is really exciting. We also are beginning to think about our gallery set-up and our technical needs.

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The Final Showdown

Recently, Epic Games released a brand new game mode for Unreal Tournament 4: Showdown. If you are unfamiliar with this style of play, Showdown is a  no-respawn team deathmatch that allows players to choose where they want to initially spawn at the beginning of each round. Usually there are 3-4 players on each team, but when an entire team is eliminated, the surviving team wins. After experimenting with this game mode for a little while, we in Level Design 1 were tasked with creating a unique Showdown map and were even given the opportunity to submit these maps to an Unreal contest meant to bring more Showdown maps to all players. I was really excited to start this project so I got into it right away. Continue reading “The Final Showdown”

Going Mobile

For my final project in my Production 1 class I worked with Cole Kirkpatrick (artist), Duncan Carroll (programmer), and Paul Klimaszewski (designer) and we were tasked with making a mobile specific game. We had to include mechanics that were mobile compatible and work in weekly sprint cycles for about 6 weeks. In my team’s game, Retreat!, your army is retreating from battle to seek refuge behind the walls of your safe, well-defended kingdom; the only problem is your kingdom’s defenses are too efficient. Players have to use the touch screen to drag layers of deadly defenses to let your troops in safely, while keeping enemies from breaching your perimeters. Continue reading “Going Mobile”

That’s Unreal Man!

In my Level Design class we were required to create a Capture the Flag map for Unreal Tournament 4 using the Unreal Tournament Editor. Everyone in the class was supposed to build their own level from scratch with almost no prior experience using the Unreal Engine. We all just kind of helped each other out along the way with the more technical elements required to build these levels. This project was challenging but I also think it was one of the most fun things I’ve gotten to work on. Continue reading “That’s Unreal Man!”

Let’s Talk About Incarceration

Father’s Day is the second project I completed in my Production 1 class this semester. This game showcases the adventure of a son trying to visit his father on Father’s Day. Ever since Dad got arrested times have been tough so along the way the player has to collect photographs of memories with Dad to give to him as a present. This game is intended to show the strain that incarceration can put on a family. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Incarceration”

Blast from the Past

Last year in my Intro to Game Design class a group of students and myself created a game called Discoman. Discoman is a Japanese RPG style game with a major thematic twist. Instead of the traditional fantasy style of these types of games we went with a 70s disco theme. The game featured a variety of mechanics like real-time combat, health and level generation, 4 directional movement, collectible items, and several puzzles. My group consisted of only designers: Tim Layer, Brian Flaherty, and myself. We used Gamemaker to build this digital prototype and though both our art and programming abilities are limited we actually managed to make a decent game. Continue reading “Blast from the Past”

First Production Project!

Force of Nature is a head to head turn based combat game where Rock Paper Scissors and Pokemon collide. Each player chooses a party of 5 fighters from a pool of fighters of 3 different types: Fire, Water, and Earth. After choosing their party each player can assign a special ability to each of their fighter types to use when they are at a disadvantage. Players then face off in a 1 on 1 battle to see who is the better Elemental Fighter. Continue reading “First Production Project!”