Week 25 – Goldmaster

It’s finally here. The week where everything needs to be finished. The whole Firing Squad, myself included, is so excited about how the game has come together and after finishing our last few updates and squashing the remaining bugs, re[Mod] will be ready to ship. Our tasks this week are incredibly light so for this penultimate blog post, I’ll briefly go over a few updates and talk about the Senior Show, happening next Friday.

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Week 24 – The Last Parts

Last week, I promised to showcase our three new under-barrel attachments in this week’s blog post. I’m excited to share some details about these parts and how they affect the user’s play style. These are the last parts that we’ll be implementing for re[Mod], and with their addition, players now have access to over 1000 unique weapon combinations. That number is really exciting to us because it means we’ve gone above and beyond our expectations. So without further ado, please welcome the Revenge Trap, Riot Shield, and the Rocket Booster to the re[Mod] family.

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Week 22 – Beta

This sprint is our last week in Beta. That means this project will be coming to a close very soon. However, we’re not done yet. The game is looking fantastic and is a lot of fun to play, but we still have a few things left to do in order to make re[Mod] the best it can possibly be by the time we present at the Senior Showcase. I’m so happy about how the game has progressed so far, and where our plan is taking us for our last few sprints. I’m excited to show off a little bit in this post.

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Week 20 – The Weird Sprint

So this sprint is pretty strange because we have Spring Break right in the middle. While some of my team members are choosing to work over the break, most of us are trying to make the most of this time we have off. Therefore, I tried to get a majority of my sprint work done before I leave for the week. In this blog post, I’m going to highlight some of the UI concepts I put together to help make players more aware of what team they’re on.

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Week 19 – It’s Alive!

Last sprint was a big undertaking for us. We had a lot of tasks planned and a few of us were estimating over-hours but it’s all coming together very nicely. Our of all the updates that happened last sprint, Mike’s changes were by far the most exciting. By adding in scenery assets and doing a preliminary lighting pass, our game feels so much more alive. It’s astounding how much of a difference Mike’s work makes. After seeing this, I think the whole team is feeling a wave of inspiration and desire to make re[Mod] as good as it possibly can be.

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Week 18 – UI Design

One of the Firing Squad’s proudest skills is our ability to rapidly iterate on different parts of the game. So this week, I’ll be taking a look at our current UI and trying to find ways for us to make it more visually cohesive and appealing while limiting myself to the current UI systems that we have in place. I front-loaded my UI tasks for this week, so I have some exciting progress to show in this post. Let’s get right into it.

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