Week 18 – UI Design

One of the Firing Squad’s proudest skills is our ability to rapidly iterate on different parts of the game. So this week, I’ll be taking a look at our current UI and trying to find ways for us to make it more visually cohesive and appealing while limiting myself to the current UI systems that we have in place. I front-loaded my UI tasks for this week, so I have some exciting progress to show in this post. Let’s get right into it.

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Week 17 – Being a Lead

As we near the half-way point of this semester, I’m trying to dedicate more of myself to acting as a proper Lead Designer. Having 2 additional designers on the team has been nothing but a blessing so far, but after most sprint planning sessions, I do find myself wondering, what’s left for me to do? In this blog post, I’m going to talk about my experience so far as a Lead Designer and how I plan to improve moving forward.

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Week 16 – More Weapon Parts

I’m so excited for this sprint because a lot of really amazing changes are being made along with new content being implemented. We’re officially moving past greenlight and heading towards out Mid-term Milestone. So, this sprint, I’ll be leading the charge by prototyping some new weapon parts that will hopefully bring more variety to every match. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to start implementing these parts so even though it’s only 2 days into this sprint, I’ve already finished all of the prototypes. I really want to show them off so let’s just jump right in.

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Game Analysis: ACO vs RDR

My usual development blogs are going to be interrupted today by a quick game analysis. In this post, I’ll be taking a look at Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Red Dead Redemption and comparing how these two games handle narrative. These games share a lot of similarities, for example, both games are third-person action-adventure games that have an expansive open-world for players to explore. This means that these games have to deliver the story in a careful and intentional way so players don’t get confused if they explore beyond the golden-path areas. However, these games handle their story experience in very different ways so I’m excited to dive into a narrative comparison for both of these titles. Let’s get started.

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Week 14 – On Fire Now

At our last team meeting, Max introduced the concept of On Fire Now or OFN. This scrum tactic is meant to help us prioritize the tasks that are the most crucial and time sensitive so we can have them complete by our next milestone, which for us is Greenlight. Now that we’re in our second sprint of the semester, we only have one more to go before out Greenlight presentation is due. Therefore, we’ve identified the tasks that are OFN so we can make sure they get done sooner rather than later.

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Week 13 – Back in Action

Now that spring semester is officially in session, The Firing Squad is entering full production mode. I’m really excited to continue working on re[Mod] this semester to continue making my vision for this game, a reality. I am now the Product Owner of re[Mod] which is a wonderful opportunity for me because it gives me a chance to develop my leadership skills and step into a role that I hope to one day, be doing professionally. Because of my promotion on this team, I plan on broadening the focus of these weekly blog posts to not only discuss the design work that I’ve accomplished/planned for and include some of the work that my fellow team members are contributing as well. I think by working together, we will have the best senior game ever made at Champlain College by the end of this semester.

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