Under the Sun

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Under the Sun is an original television series I’ve been workshopping about a seasoned city guard, named Layla, who suddenly finds herself helping a mysterious young girl, named Fay, find her way back to her mother while trying to survive the unimaginable dangers of an arid world left behind by an ancient devastating war. In this sun-plagued land, Layla and Fay must work together to find their way to the center of an ominous sentient storm where Fay’s mother is trapped. Along the way, these two characters discover they have a lot more in common than they realize and as the trust between them grows, they begin to learn the world each of them left behind was holding them back from their destinies.

Below you’ll find a link to the latest pilot episode draft. Additionally I’ve included a link to the character motivation review document that breaks down the first episode scene by scene and then breaks down the character motivations for the remainder of the season (10 episodes in total). Please feel free to read through these documents yourself!

Pilot Episode Script:

Character Motivation Review:

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